Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mama On The Run: A Watchless Challenge

Two weeks post-marathon, and I'm starting to ease back into running. I took about five days off and enjoyed the most blissful two miles of the entire year that Friday after my 26.2-mile adventure. You know the kind of miles - cruising through at a speedy pace and not feeling winded at all. I blame the excitement and anticipation of getting back to running....mainly because I haven't felt that same blissful state (or speed) since.

I've run a handful of 20-40 minute runs here and there, sprinkled in with walking, yoga, strength training, and biking on the trainer. But I still have yet to run 4 straight miles without stopping for a walk break.

It's amazing how one can go from running 26.2 miles to sucking wind for 2.62 miles a mere two weeks later. I remember feeling like this after every marathon, so I just continue to give it more time. Probably more so this go-round, as I'm embracing the no-schedule running (against every type-A bone in my body!) and upping the cross/strength training.

With that, I'm making a vow right here, right now - two weeks until my next race (and last one of 2015) - to go watchless for the 10K. (again, going against every type-A bone in my body!)

I want to go off of feel for the race. Coach Jenny threw this out there during my training and even boldly asked if I'd consider it for the marathon. I made a deal with her instead to do it for an upcoming race.

Here's that upcoming race.

2015 has been a year of slow starts and finishes for me. Aside from the New Year's Day half-marathon, I've posted my slowest or some of my slowest times in every race I did. Granted, I had that "infamous" emergency surgery in April. That surgery, along with every mile and race I did from April through now, has really changed my perspective of running in my life. (to which I blogged about post-marathon #4 two weeks ago)

So here you go, readers and fellow runners. I'm asking that you hold me accountable come Nov. 7 when I every single ounce of me yearns to put on my Garmin watch as I'm prepping for race day. If I don't tell you know, I'll mentally weight it back and forth and talk myself out of it.

I'm up for the watchless challenge. And excited (and I'm admitting it here - also having some doubt!) on how I'll do without a watch for one race!

I'll keep you posted........until then, happy running!

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