Friday, October 2, 2015

Mama On The Run: When Racing & Volunteering Collide......

Last weekend, my work hosted the 5th annual Run for the Rocks Half Marathon. It's a race that I used to coordinate, but the first year I wasn't "the" gal in charge - just like our other race series events, this summer was one that phased me out as race coordinator.

I still helped out, but on a whim - and with the current race coordinator's blessing - Jack and I registered for the new 5K race the night before the half-marathon. It was going to be a fun race, seeing that I had run a 7-miler earlier that morning and was on my feet all day at packet pick-up and registration.

Jack, meanwhile, wanted to run strong - and that he did! He finished 3rd in his age group and in the top 10 (maybe top 7-8??). 

I used the race as another opportunity to get back to racing shape from the long spring and summer. I also used it as a mental training run and forced myself not to go out too fast (my common racing problem!) and kept a steady pace through mile 2.5, where I picked it up and managed to pass a few people (one as I crossed the finish line!). 

I finished 17th overall, 2nd in my age group, and finished strong in 25:55. Again, not my best and not near where I want to be in the coming months, but where I'm at now, especially considering the hot race temps (about 85 degrees feel-like temp in the sun!), the miles put in earlier in the day, and being on my feet for several hours throughout the day. I left this race feeling hopeful for the coming ones down the stretch.

I'm hoping to actually race the half-marathon in 2016. After five years of coordinating/helping coordinate and measuring and re-measuring the course, I could run it in my sleep and can't wait to actually get up race morning toeing the start line!

Until then, though, it was another beautiful weekend to race - and the best part was hubs and the kidlets by my side, helping out like they always do!

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