Tuesday, October 13, 2015

To Braxton Cade - On Your 4th Birthday

Dear buddy - my sweet Braxton Cade,

Today, you're FOUR years old. Four! How in the world did that happen? (I know I say this every year - but seriously....you need to find out how to make time slow down a bit, dude!)

Seems like yesterday your mama's workout led to her water breaking all over the kitchen floor, leading to one fun - and quick! - birth story that you enjoy hearing over and over again each year on your birthday eve.

Seems like yesterday we rejoiced in your arrival and completing our family of four.

Seems like yesterday you kept us up all night - on the hour, every hour - for months (and years!) on end. 

Seems like yesterday you were wrapping mama around her finger with your beautiful baby blues and squishable, kissable chubby cheeks.

Seems like yesterday you became ornery (like daddy!) overnight, charming us and everyone around you with your quick wit.

But it wasn't yesterday. In fact, it was four years ago, then three years ago, then two years ago, then a year ago. And now we're here. Your 4th birthday. You're no longer a baby/toddler anymore - you're a preschooler, a little (big) kid. 

I pray that you become a boy after God's own heart. That you take after your daddy in loving the Lord first, your family second, and are softening that heart of yours to eventually become the leader of your own home. 

I pray that this year you continue to learn God's Word at church, school, and home - and keep hiding it in your heart. I pray you form lasting friendships through preschool, Sunday School, and when we're out and about in our community. I pray that you use that sweet charm, wit, and humor of yours to be a light for others in darkened world. That you continue to flash that cheeser smile and warm others' hearts while letting your light shine for Jesus. 

Buddy, you've got your mama wrapped. You're my baby. My partner-in-crime these days (when big sis is at school and the days when it's just the two of us). I love the moments we have together - our Starbucks dates, our trips to the grocery store, our impromptu visits to see daddy, our walks and bike rides around the neighborhood. I love them all....because I love and am honored to be your mama, the best job God could have ever given me. 

Happy 4th Birthday, Braxton Cade. Enjoy it to the fullest! 

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