Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving, Conkling Kids Style

There's nothing quite like experiencing special holiday moments with kids - especially when they're 6 and 4. 

Brax and I celebrated Thanksgiving with his preschool class last week with a feast, complete with jello, popcorn, cornbread, pumpkin cake, and turkey sandwiches. He was in carb/sugar heaven!

Miss Melissa asked Brax to pray before the feast began. The kid was loud the entire time leading up to the meal, and when it came time to pray, he immediately turned into a shy one. He whispered "Thank you for my teachers, my preschool, my friends, this food, and for Jackson sitting by me." Oh, my sweet boy.

As we munched on our food, Miss Melissa went around and shared what each preschooler was thankful for. Brax's top 5 list included: mom and dad, sister, the dinner that mom makes me, toys, and my grandpas. (sorry, grandmas!)

Mackie, meanwhile, has been preparing for Thanksgiving through various art projects in kindergarten. She came home yesterday with her special turkey art project (which we all had to contribute to), as well as the Thanksgiving Story book that she illustrated. 

The highlight, however, was a "how to cook a turkey" cookbook from Mrs. Beardslee's kindergarten class. Each kindergartner shared how to cook a turkey in this best-selling recipe book. Leave it to our daughter to use an entire page to express how she would cook the Thanksgiving bird. Her recipe is below:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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