Sunday, December 27, 2015

Running Into 2016

Hello, (almost) 2016. I come to you excited and eager to take on new and refreshed running adventures these next 365 days.

2015 was a year filled with ups and down (and slow) running. Most of you have followed my running tales and know all that went on - from being in peak shape and looking to PR in Marathon #4, to suddenly being sidelined with an unexpected medical emergency and surgery, to pressing on and digging deep to peel off all of the layers that had entangled me and embracing my running self in the present.

I take 2015's mantra of digging deep and pressing on to 2016, where I plan on living life filled with awareness. (more on life awareness in a later post) And I take this mantra and mindset into my running goals, dreams, and desires this coming year.

In 2016, I hope that this awareness leads to the following:

  • Train for a solid half-marathon and 10K race. I have various half-marathons and 10Ks on the schedule throughout the year, but I'd really like to rock both the Easter Sun Run 10K in late March (after having to suddenly sit out last year due to the medical emergency) and the Prairie Fire spring marathon in early May (I've never done this spring half before). 
  • Race and train by feel - and safely push through my own discomforts.
  • Go back to food prepping and meal planning a few times each month for quick, healthy, and less expensive family meals around the dinner table. 
  • Hydrate with water more and coffee less. (eek!) :)
  • Embrace yoga, strength training, and biking as cross-training that will enhance my running. Hit the pool once the weather warms up in late May/early June and make it a goal to consistently lap swim those hot summer months. 
  • Run at least one race "naked," AKA watchless/GPS-less.
  • Enjoy the miles upon miles in between the training plans and races - and the miles done with hubs and the kidlets by my side. Take time to laugh and giggle with them and to stop and look at nature's beauty on those fun outings along the trails and neighborhood. 
  • Rid myself of comparisons of other runners and of myself. Remove the envy/lust of wanting to run like someone else, fast like someone else, a race that someone else is doing, looking back and desiring I ran like I did years ago. 
  • Love my present running self. 
There you have it! Not as descriptive as previous years, but aware that for me right now, it's better that way. 

Happy running!

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