Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weekends in December: Christmas Eve Is Here! (Part 1)

Christmas Eve finally arrived for the Conkling kidlets! We love Christmas Eve as a family - Jack and I actually get more excited for the evening that probably the kids do. We treasure our time going to Christmas Eve candlelight service and celebrating Jesus's birth with our church family, followed by the family tradition of Preston/Brawner Christmas Eve get-together. 

Here are the highlights from start to finish. You'll notice lots of squinty-faced Brax cheesers these days. He's super excited to take pics, if you can't tell! 

Pre-Christmas Eve candlelight service......

...followed by Christmas Eve Preston/Brawner get-together at my aunt's house in Haven. The kids thought it was beyond awesome to eat snacks and junk food for dinner (at 9 p.m.), followed by dancing and playing with extended cousins and family until midnight. Each cousin "family" exchanges a board game among the kids while the adults do a fun $10 white elephant gift exchange. It's simple, it's fun, and it's great getting together with family that we don't see often throughout the year due to hectic schedules and life. 

We love how my cousins' kids embrace our kidlets - you'll see at the bottom pic where the girls taught Mackie a Christmas dance while the adults conversed, and then they proudly showed it off for all of us in a special holiday performance. 

It was a late night and a lot of fun....but Christmas is coming! (meaning: additional posts on the way!)

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