Monday, December 28, 2015

Weekends In December: Christmas Is Here (Part 2)

Oh, Christmas morning. A morning of anticipation for both mama/daddy and kidlets alike. Due to the late Christmas Eve, Jack and I were spoiled and Brax didn't bound into our room until almost 8 a.m. (which is like sleeping half the day away in our house!)

Jack led the final Jesse's Tree reading and we put the final ornament on the tree. There's nothing quite like reading God's promises in both the Old and New Testaments to bring sweet perspective to our Christmas celebration. 

This year we had the kids use some of their piggy bank money to purchase each other's special gift. We had a $10-$15 range for the gifts and I took each of them shopping. Brax insisted on buying Mackie a Disney Belle doll (like a Barbie doll) to complete her princess doll collection. Mackie, meanwhile, hemmed and hawed over various Ninja Turtle toys for little bro, but (finally) decided on buying him a special Leonardo toy that turned into swords (as if we needed more of those!). 

Brax's gift highlights included: special Lego tray that daddy made; Lego construction set; a recorder (because there's no such thing as a toy tuba); and some books and clothes. 

Mackie's gift highlights included: American Girl purple doll bed (my Cyber Monday steal of a deal!); new bike helmet; books and clothes. 

We typically use Christmas as a time to update and clean out the art bin and refresh it with new supplies. They opened a joint gift with all of the markers, colored pencils, construction paper, notepads, coloring books, play-doh, and stickers that you could imagine! It's a joint gift that's usually one of the bigger hits (for all involved, as they usually make an appearance at basketball games throughout the season!). 

Perhaps the biggest shocker of the morning came with the gifts Jack gave me. I had been hinting for a FitBit HR and a new MacArthur Bible study - and I was oh-so excited to open them both. (spoiled, I tell ya!) But the kicker was the final gift, one that I was not allowed to open until the very end of gift giving. 

Clueless, I opened the box and found a set of diamond earrings - and immediately the tears came because of the back story involved in the gift. Years ago, the Christmas before I we had Mackie (if memory serves me correctly), Jack spoiled me with a pair of diamond earrings. A few years later my sweet toddler girl was searching through mama's jewelry and one of the diamond earrings came up missing...forever! We spent days, weeks, months searching for the missing diamond and left empty handed. From time to time (notably on dress-up events), I have commented how much I missed having that pair of diamond earrings - and still felt awful for losing one of them. 

Apparently, hubs spent this Christmas season plotting and planning how to, a: splurge and spoil mama without her knowing (since she's super type-A in checking the credit card account and finances); and b: how to track down one diamond earring and mount the existing one to make a new set. Let's just say this mama was over-the-moon shocked and surprised when opening the box! (and felt really, really spoiled!) 

It was pretty tough to top Jack's gifts to me. I suppose that's the beauty of gift-giving, though as a recipient I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty accepting such an extravagant gift.

Jack's gift highlights included: Under Armour camo backpack for hunting; dress clothes and shoes; World Series program; and a new pair of jeans he had been eyeing. Again, tough to top the diamonds!

We had a wonderful morning celebrating Jesus's birthday by exchanging gifts and the playing with our new toys (all of us!). Jack and I even had a chance to each enjoy a quick outing for a winter run before heading to his parents' house for the Conkling celebration.

More on our family celebrations to come!

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