Monday, December 28, 2015

Weekends In December: Christmas Is Here! (Part 3)

We had a busy two days celebrating Christmas with each sides of our family. 

First up....Conkling side on Christmas Day. We enjoyed an afternoon of playing with cousins, aunts, uncles, and Papa/Grandma Scaliwag. With 10 kids ages 9 and younger, it gets to be a bit chaotic, but we all find that each year becomes more and more doable (and controlled chaos, if there is a such a thing!). 

The big kids each draw names, while the little kids draw names, too, to make the gift giving more manageable (and meaningful!). Mackie received a cute handmade mermaid blanket from her cousin Riley (compliments of Aunt Abby) as well as a dance wand/hat, while Brax received a head lamp from cousin Matthew. They also made bank from grandma and papa! (and so did mama/daddy)

Their cousins, Lincoln and Max, also received head lamps, so the three amigos thoroughly enjoyed playing outside with them turned on. You can imagine the giggles we had as they popped up and down, in and out of the windows from the outside looking in.

It was an exhausting day, for sure....

The next morning, we made the quick trek over to Papa and Grandma Preston's house for day-after Christmas Day celebration, complete with Uncle Tugs and Jamie. 

Again, we were spoiled by grandma and papa, as well as Uncle Tugs and Jamie. She made these super soft, comfy, and cute blankets for each one of us in the family - Brax received Ninja Turtles; Mackie - Frozen; me and my dad - K-State; mom - flowers; and Jack - camo. They were a hit!

Mackie also enjoyed opening up the new Cinderella DVD she's been wanting for quite some time now, as well as a new basketball outfit for AG Caroline, among other gifts. 

Brax's highlights included a Ninja Turtle toy, camo pants, the Cars DVD, and plenty of other gifts, as well as a Mike Moustakas shirt (MOOSE!).

We big kids were also spoiled with plenty, too.

It was a great time celebrating and even better to be with baby brother and his girlfriend. We don't get to see them enough!

What a whirlwind - but joyous! - three days of celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus. And now, the tree has been taken down. Christmas decor is put away. And we've been cleaning/organizing/purging to make room for our new toys and presents. But along the way, we cannot help but continue to be reminded of God's total grace and mercy in sending His Son in the form of a sweet, innocent babe - to be later suffer a grievous death on our behalf. Thank you, Jesus!

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