Thursday, December 17, 2015

Weekends in December - Christmas Joy (Dec. 12-13)

Each weekend in December we attempt at making memories and creating traditions with various Christmas activities. 

Our first weekend included the kidlets' first basketball game (non-Christmas related, but still uber-special and deserving of its own post later), as well as putting the finishing touches on our Christmas decorations. Mama broke out the box of wrapping paper and other goodies she bought the day-after Christmas in 2014. It's always a treat (and to mama, like Christmas morning) when that box is opened up, as I usually have forgotten what I purchased 350 days prior. 

This past weekend (Dec. 12-13) we had a weekend at home. It was a rainy, windy Saturday - the perfect day to snuggle up and stay in our jammies and bake, bake, bake. 

The kidlets didn't disappoint in helping mama out with the baking. Their domain included the ever-popular Epp sugar cookie recipe and rolling/cutting out shapes (their choice). And then - the best part! - decorating them with lots of frosting, lots of sprinkles, and lots of sticky fingers. 

Mackie and I cleaned up our mess (and ourselves!) and enjoyed a girls night with my mom with a trip to the Prairie Nutcracker. Mackie's dance studio puts on this beautiful performance and Kansas take on the traditional Nutcracker ballet. This was our second time to attend, and Mackie was thrilled to see familiar faces on stage - her Kinderdantz I teacher and a few friends from the Kinderdantz II class. If Mackie so chooses, in two years (the next performance), she'll be old enough to try out and be a part of the ballet performance.

We wrapped up our weekend with a special Sunday musical performance, compliments of the children's choir at church. Mackie and Brax were in the little kids choir (pre-k/k) and sang before the older kids put on an incredible musical performance. It was such a treat - and again, oh-so cute and deserving of its own video posts once mama figures out how to import the video from the camcorder onto her laptop (daddy will need to get involved with this one!). 

We're anticipating the birth of Jesus and continue our weekend and upcoming vacation celebrations in the days to's the most wonderful time of the year!

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