Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kidlet Basketball & Future Crusaders in the Making

This year we're spoiled in that both Mackie and Brax are able to be on the same basketball team through our Lil Dribblers program at Hutch Rec. Daddy is coach, and several of Mackie's kindergarten classmates and friends also are on the team. 

It's the only year where the kidlets will be able to be on the same team, so we're soaking it up! They've played five games so far, and it's fun to see the improvement each year with Mackie (and others who have played on the team in previous years). 

She's a foot taller than most kids on the floor, so we're trying to encourage her to get big on the block. (mama can't help herself!) What we love more, though, is that both kids hustle, don't mind getting on the floor to go after the ball, and obey both coaches. 

Here's a brief snippet of Mackie's first-ever basket! (of course mama missed it due to talking to another of the year, right here! Thankful for a fellow fan who just happened to be recording it on her phone). 

Brax has also improved each game (he's the youngest and smallest one on the team), but managed to even attempt a shot in this morning's game.

It's crazy to think that Mackie will be in "big-girl" basketball next year and go to 1st-2nd grade girl's league with Hutch Rec. But it's also time. We're excited to gather up a group of her fellow friends and classmates and get them playing together for the future years to come.....we have to think ahead for future Lady Crusader basketball, you know!

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