Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Speedy School Year Ends

Today marked the last day of school for both kidlets. Mama is a bit of a hot mess today...from wondering how on earth nine months zipped by so fast, to savoring the final Tuesday "freedom" morning (meaning: no kidlets at all for 2.5 blissful hours!), to hearing the poignant, weepy (and oh-so truthful!) Nichole Nordeman song, "Slow Down" play on the radio every other hour, it's been a bitter sweet day as we look ahead to summer.

I mean, how did buddy go from my little three-year-old in September who mama and daddy prayed would be a good listener and friend....

...to my colorful, quick-wit, funny 4-year-old dude in May (who definitely learned how to listen better and become friends with everyone he met).

Or how did this (barely) 6-year-old little miss who mama wept over for days during kindergarten drop-off...

...tun into this 6 1/2 year old gap-toothed beauty who let her light shine for Jesus as she made so many new friends, learned how to (really) read, figured out that carpet-time meant no-talking time, and came home buzzing from all of her school adventures almost every single day? 


Well, in the smart words of my oh-so smart husband, I need to suck it up, buttercup. Because if I continue to weep over time going too speedy, I'm going to miss the actual moments right now. 

So time, slow down. But in the meantime - hello, summer vacation! 

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