Saturday, June 18, 2016

Your Daddy Is....

My dearest Mackenzie and Braxton,

Do you know how wonderful your daddy is? Do you really, truly understand just how blessed you are to have the incredible man in your life? 

Well, just in case you forget....or for those days that you think daddy is just the meanest, unfairest guy on the planet, let me remind you....

Your daddy loves the Lord with all of His heart. He loves Jesus more than he loves your mama....just as it's supposed to be! He loves your mama next and oh-so spoils her with his leadership and love in our home. He loves you both next and above all, desires that you know and love God for all of your days. 

Your daddy is our provider. Encourager. Supporter. Coach. Mr Fix-It (or finds Mr. Fix-It - AKA: Papa Scaliwag). Fort builder. Bust-a-move dance partner. Teacher. American history buff. Sunday School teacher. Listener. Mower. Vacuum King. Master of the ironing board. Bad dream protector. Seamstress. Driver. Reader. Fishing partner. Spider stomper. Cubbies mega-fan. Royals next-to-Cubbies fan. Member of the K-State bleed purple club. 

You see, my sweet kidlets, your daddy does it all - and with no complaint. I'm honored to be married to this incredible man, and thank God over and over again that He gave this man the oh-so important job of being your daddy.

Happy Father's Day, Jack Edward!

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