Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Conkling Summer 2016: May/June Recap

Wow - what a summer so far! We've been coming and going and enjoying this more "relaxed" time (I use this term loosely!) that I have failed to update the blog. 

Here is a peek at what we've been up to so far this summer....

Dance recital: Mackie beautifully danced across the Fox Theater stage at her end-of-the-year performance, ArtisTree's "Connections" show. More on this to come!

Ken's visits - on days when the heat index is well over 100 degrees (we've had plenty of them so far!) and mama doesn't feel like cooking. 

Bicycle rides, including a fun kid's race at the Hutch Bike Fest event in late May at the Kansas State Fairgrounds. 

Water fights in the front yard as we waited for grandma and papa's pool to warm up. 

Zoo trips to finally (finally!) see the elephants after months of anticipation (and daily questions from B-man - is today the day, mama?!).

World's Largest swim lesson participation...even on colder, rainy days, because well....when mama works at Hutch Rec, you get to participate in these kinds of things...and then end up being in the newspaper. 

Mama turns the big #33....and celebrates in style with these little cuties sporting her basketball number. More on this to come!

Kid-free KC weekend....with two trips to the most magical place on earth. More to come!

Preston pool opened up, and with it came two excited kidlets. Brax already has mastered the diving board, and Mackie continues to amazing us with her diving skills. Our little fish keep on swimming!

A basketball goal became a reality in our driveway after hours of daddy and papa working to dig a hole, pour concrete, and put it all together. 

Swim team practice began...resulting in a huge increase in the grocery bill. 

Adventure Camp was hot, but Mackie enjoyed her first year of this popular Hutch Rec-Dillon Nature Center outdoor camp! Her fave part was the day she went canoeing.....when she sat in the middle, because (her words), she "could tell the other kids what to do with the paddles." (oh me!)

Running and racing as a family for the Firecracker 5K. More on this to come!

T-ball began and Brax decided he was tired of "just" DH'ing (like he did last year, when the kid refused to play in the field and only wanted to sit in the dugout until it was time to hit), and actually enjoys catching, throwing, and hitting. What a concept!

Meanwhile, softball also started and Mackie has had quite the learning experience in hitting a live ball being thrown to her. 

Monopoly is now Braxton's favorite board game after we taught the kidlets how to play and he cleaned out our banks - and then some (twice!).

Trips to the bowling alley to burn off some energy and provide sanity to daddy on those days mama is in the office.

Ocean Commotion Vacation Bible School.....where the songs still consume our every thought in our head as we cannot get them out! (but they are pretty cute - and it was an amazing week learning God's Word and the story of Noah!)

Phew...no wonder daddy and mama are a bit tired these days. Throw in library time and other day trips, and we've packed quite the punch for June - and July is just the same! More of our summer adventures to come...

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