Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mama On The Run: Summer Runnin'

True to Kansas style, this summer has been hot. And humid. And not the greatest weather for running, but what other option do you have except to suck it up, buttercup?! 

The fam and I have enjoyed a few summer races so far - Hutch Rec Race Series Firecracker 5K & 1-miler at the end of June, followed by the Titan 10K & 1-miler two weeks later, in mid-July. 

For mama, the Firecracker 5K ended exactly as it did last year - same exact finish time and a 3rd place in my age group. The kidlets rocked the 1-miler - Mackie wowed us all with a 9:00 1-mile time (cruising!) and Brax ran with daddy and managed to run almost all of it without wanting to stop, walk, and talk or cry that he was running. He actually wanted to run the race and begged to join us - winner, winner! 

The Titan 10K, meanwhile, was a very hot and humid race. I've raced this one every year, and I feel like every year it's more humid! I knew I wasn't in top form or shape and definitely not for racing a strong 10K on a very hot/humid morning. So I didn't focus too much on time and simply wanted to hone in on how my body felt while running. It was my slowest 10K time ever, but good enough for 3rd place in my age group. 

Mackie, meanwhile, rocked the 1-miler again and ran a 9:35 for a 1st place finish in the 8U girls age division! She was thrilled and really loved the fact that she received a gold medal compared to mama's bronze one. (Competitive, perhaps?!)

I'll admit it's a bit disappointing to run slow. I was encouraged by running a strong (for me right now) 5K, but then really woofing it at the 10K. But with every disappointment I continue to focus on the present as I work hard for the future. Where am I at right now? What am I placing my contentment in? What am I working toward? What weaknesses do I need to come to terms with and overcome for the future? 

My weaknesses right now are strength and core training - I've completely fallen off and will be renewing that focus heading into what's next. Diet and sleep are right behind that, as I'm not eating as many fruits and veggies as I should be and definitely not getting the sleep I need on these longer summer days. All of these things I will take into consideration and work to become better for what's next, which is a fall/early winter filled with two half-marathons, a 5K, a 10K, and a 10-miler. (phew!)

I'm back to the half-marathon focus and will amp up the longer weekend runs in the coming weeks as I'll FINALLY be able to run Run for the Rocks Half Marathon this year! It's been six years in the making....instead of running all over the course and putting out fires as race coordinator, I actually get to "just" run and toe the start AND finish line. Wahoo! 

Happy running, folks! Stay hydrated, take it slower, and embrace the heat/humidity challenge!

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