Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mama on the Run: A Vacation From Running

Y'all know I've been in a running funk lately, as I've whined far too much about the missing mojo this entire spring and summer. I go into each week ready for a fresh start. Excited and hopeful to find that gleeful desire to lace up the kicks and pound the pavement.

It just hasn't happened these past several weeks. And this week was the worst.

I've been suffering some nagging health issues lately that have left me in a great deal of pain and discomfort. Home remedies were working until this past weekend, when infection set in and I had no other choice but to call doc to get things taken care of with medical treatment and prescription. It's nothing serious, but also nothing I really want to go into detail about. Let's just say I went into the doc on Monday morning, was stuck with two rather large needles, and walked out with a prescription for medicine and strict orders to lay off the bike for the next 2-3 weeks. (just as I was picking up more miles on the bike as my main form of summer cross training)

Running and walking have actually been the most comfortable thing to do, so in the words of my dear, sweet, stubborn-like-me husband, I sucked it up buttercup and chose to run and walk every day this week to continue exercising so I didn't go completely bat crazy.

This, my friends, has been the nail in the coffin on my running mojo. After six days in a row of running, I'm tired. In fact, the words slipped out of my mouth after yesterday morning's hot and sweaty run, where I barely eeked out a 5K in between walk breaks.

"I'm just tired of running," I shouted to my husband as he asked how the morning outing went.

I didn't bite my tongue. Watch my words. Try to retract my statement or sugar coat it.

No, I'm just tired of running right now.

I can't blame the super hot and super humid weather (it has been super hot, with already feel-like temps of 80-90 degrees on any given day at 7:30-8 a.m.). No, the weather hasn't been stopping my other fellow running friends from getting out and pounding the pavement and pushing through.

I can't blame my recent, nagging health issues.

I can't blame my eating habits or my less-than-ideal sleep habits.

Changing these things doesn't give me the return of the running mojo that I oh-so wishfully desire.

I need a vacation - from work, from life, from running.

And that's just what is happening with the fam this week. We're packing up and hitting the road for some time away from it all...including running.

Maybe I'll find that mojo on the road somewhere and bring it back upon my return next week. Until then, though...happy trails!

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