Saturday, July 23, 2016

Swimmer Girl

Mackie wrapped up another Hutch Rec swim team season this morning. This year we were able to participate in a couple of meets, which made it even more fun and the kids were able to put their swim skills to practice against other kids in the area. 

Mackie-girl is a fish and stubborn like her mama, a competitor like both mama and daddy, and was bound and determined to do every single event they'd allow her to compete in (unless the coach told her she needed a breather). 

Her favorite (and quickest!) strokes included the back stroke and breast stroke. I have a feeling that once she gets her flutter kick and rotary breathing down that she'll fall in love with the freestyle, too. 

Little miss even had a shot at the 100 IM in both swim meets she competed in. We couldn't believe that she wanted to try and conquer it! She pushed through both meets and dug deep during the butterfly portion of the event (difficult for anyone to do, but especially a 6-year-old!). 

We had a great summer cheering on M and her fellow Hutch Rec-Salt City Splash swim teammates and seeing the progress she made with her strokes. But most of all, Jack and I were thrilled at her positive attitude and determined spirit - and thankful for a great swim coach and teammates who made her feel like an important part of the team, being the youngest member. 

Now it's off to the Salty Pup Triathlon on her 7th birthday! 

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