Saturday, August 6, 2016

Our Little Ballerina

(This post is way past goodness, the recital was in May!)

During Memorial Day weekend Mackie danced in her first recital as a dancer with ArtisTree. For years we had gone to the Fox to watch these beautiful ballerinas gracefully flutter across the stage at both their end-of-the-year recitals and at the Prairie Nutcracker. 

Now it was finally Mackie's turn to be a part of the dance family, as she was old enough to dance in the Kinderdance I class this year. It was a fantastic year of learning ballet basics, poise, and grace. I happened to dance for Miss Betsie's dance school way back when (called Studio 3100 at a different location) and knew that if or when Mackie was interested in dance, that she could only take from Miss Betsie's program, as it (in my opinion) has the best formal ballet instruction in town. 

Miss Molly was Mackie's teacher and it was the perfect introduction to a different experience for our little sports diva, who's used to running up and down a field or a court instead of staying still. Mackie received perfect attendance for her once-weekly classes and it brought tears to this mama's eyes to see her beautiful ballerina flutter across the stage for her big Maypole dance at the recital. She was all-smiles and so cute to watch along with her classmates!

Mackie already is looking forward to dancing in the Kinderdance II class when it begins in about a month....and it's another year of Prairie Nutcracker, so we'll see if she's interested in trying out for that production later this fall.

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