Sunday, August 21, 2016

Seven Is Spectacular

While our sweet Mackie Claire turned 7 last Saturday, she started celebrating a week earlier. This year's friend party included a special Pinkalicious story time at Bluebird Books with her favorite reader, Miss Dell. 

It was a wonderful afternoon with seven of her gal pals, including pink cupcakes and juice, stories from Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy, a special craft time, and of course, gifts! She had a fabulous time with her sweet friends - and may I say they were all oh-so sweet and cute! We thank God for the sweet friends that He has placed in Mackie's life. 

You already know that on Mackie's actual birthday she participated in the Salty Pup Triathlon. After much-needed naps and showers, we enjoyed the rest of the day doing (mostly) whatever her heart desired in the Hutch area. 

We took a trip to Petco (for their "mama and daddy won't let us have a pet so we come here to look" fix)...

We perused the Target toy aisles in search of a special something to buy with the birthday money already burning a hole in her pocket...

We ate ice cream before dinner...

And we capped off the evening with a trip to the restaurant of her choice, Ken's Pizza. We had a great time, even if she was 40 cents more for being 7 years old through the kids buffet line. 

Mackie Claire had a pretty rock-star day. We were excited to gift her with a heart KC shirt (to match mama as we cheer on our beloved Royals!), an American Girl Olympics swim suit/gymnast outfit (complete with a gold medal, swim cap, goggles, and more!), and earrings. Little bro went in on the fun and found a bucket o'beads and puzzle magazine for big sis. 

Her look says it far, seven is spectacular!

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