Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mama On The Run: Hold On...For One More Day

Labor Day brings a purging mindset of sorts in the Conkling household. I'm in full organization, type-A, back-to-school and structure mode, which calls for a fall clean-out of the house.

I've been purging kids' clothes and houseware items for future garage sales. Jack has been cleaning out the garage making his own piles. Even the kids will be joining in on the fun tomorrow as they purge those annoying little toys and trinkets that aren't worth anything but somehow pile up in their rooms (to which mama will later permanently purge them in the trashcan).

I have no problem purging, giving items to Goodwill, or stockpiling the garage sale stash underneath the stairwell in the basement.

With one exception....

This beauty is a 2009 BOB Ironman jogging stroller. I received this a few months before Mackie was born after weeks upon weeks of research (ridiculous amounts of research went into this product before my parents gifted us with one). We even purchased a BOB Revolution Duallie stroller when Brax came along, but sold that to fellow running friends about two years ago (fighting back tears, mind you).

As I said before, I've had no problem selling or purging stuff - including baby items. I didn't sniffle when someone bought the exersaucer or Bumbo chair or a bulk of the baby clothes for each of my children (with the exception of a few essential outfits and first pair of Baby Nikes that I had to keep). I didn't even choke back tears when we sold the play kitchen or little toolset or other fun toddler items that took up our entire living room.

So why is it so hard to part ways with a 7-year-old stroller that is only used a few times a year to cart Brax around when he's done walking or running? I certainly don't push him for a few miles like I used to with both him and his sister.

And that's the problem. While I love each stage my child enters, a part of my heart aches a bit when I think back to those days. The cool, fall mornings when I'd bundle Mackie up in a blanket and we'd run around the neighborhood and wave at the school kids on the bus. Or loading up the snack stash to keep Brax entertained while we took a jaunt along the trail when big sis was at preschool.

I remember thinking to myself back then - when we waved at the bus or as I glanced down at my tow-headed toddler moving his head back and forth to see pictures in the clouds - that these days were but a moment and I'd find myself where I'm at now....deciding when (or if!) it's time to sell the final piece of baby equipment that has brought along so many precious moments with my babies.

It's silly to have so many emotional ties to an object. This is why I don't have a problem purging - it's just stuff! But this object goes beyond being "just" an object to me.

There will come a day (hopefully!) when I feel it's time to say good-bye to good 'ole BOB. In the meantime, we've created a lovely parking place for it in our garage...and I'll keep trying to squeeze Brax into it a few more times, just for memory's sake.

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