Saturday, October 15, 2016

Braxton Cade: 5th Birthday Celebrations

Brax had quite the birthday week with several celebrations - it just keeps going and going!

Since he didn't have school on his birthday, I decided to take the day off and love on him all day long. It started with a trip to see papa at Starbucks, followed by a surprise stop at Hurt's Donuts in Wichita with cousins.

We were then off to the zoo for a morning of exploring and going to whatever exhibit he wanted. We fed the fish (I hardly ever have enough quarters for fish food), went to the reptile room (ick for mama!), and meandered over to see the lions, tigers, and elephants. 

It was fun letting him lead the zoo trip for the morning - and even more special just him and I able to spend the entire day together. The days of him and I hanging out, just the two of us, are quickly coming to a close as he heads off to all-day school next year.

Once daddy and Mackie came home from school, little dude excitedly opened his gifts from us: Legos, Ninja Turtles, a constellation lantern, colors/crafts, and some camo gear for the upcoming hunting season. We capped off the evening with a trip to Chili's (his pick!) for his favorite dinner - corn dogs, chips and salsa, and pineapple and broccoli. (he's easy to please!)

Today, though, may have been more exciting for the little dude as he's finally old enough to have a friend birthday party. We decided long ago that 5 was the magical age where the kidlets could start having friend parties. 

Like Mackie, we opted to have the party at Bluebird Books - and once again, our favorite bookstore and Downtown Hutch shop didn't disappoint! Mel and Dell went above and beyond to find Ninja Turtle books, crafts (including slime!), and made the cutest cupcakes. Brax was going a mile a minute - and despite the noisy room, all seven of his friends were gentlemen and well behaved. (and provided us some exhausting morning entertainment!)

Happy Birthday week, buddy! We're so glad to celebrate YOU!

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