Wednesday, October 12, 2016

To Braxton Cade: On Your 5th Birthday Eve

My dearest Braxton Cade (aka: Leonardo), 

In just an hour, you turn five years old. FIVE! How on earth did my baby turn five overnight? Wasn't it just yesterday where I was lifting weights, only to have my water break and your daddy rush me to the hospital in a (somewhat) quick labor, where you made your grand entrance just five hours later (and 17 days before your Oct. 30 due date)? And wasn't it just the other day when we took you in to get tubes for your poor ears? Or last week when you broke your leg and donned a purple leg cast oh-so proudly while dressing up as Bill Snyder for Halloween? 

I promise you it seems just like a few days ago when you started "big kid" Sunday School, then 3-4 year old preschool. Now you're in your last year at preschool and next year you'll be going to even "bigger kid school" (aka: kindergarten). 

Sniff sniff. This growing up stuff is hard for mamas. Especially when it's time for the baby of the family to grow up. 

I don't have any pictures of your daddy at your age. And I didn't know him (way) back then. But I have to think you and him are twins, 29 years apart. You have his tow-headed blonde hair, wild and fun disposition, and doesn't-like-to-sleep-at-night spirit. You definitely have his quick wit and charm and somehow light up a room and make everyone giggle while also being really endearing and loving, all in one moment.

You're one of my best baking assistants.... 

Hands down my most handsome before-preschool Starbucks date....

Can ask for anything you want from me when you wear a hat...

Make Target dates out of the ordinary... 

Can pull off playing soccer in baseball cleats...

And have the cutest grin (and mohawk) this mama has ever seen. 

Buddy, your daddy and I pray that you let your light and spirit shine oh-so mightily for Jesus in your fifth year of life. That your knowledge of the Bible and of our mighty Father continues to grow and you learn of His love for you. 

A lot will happen this coming year - you're going to graduate from preschool; you'll start kindergarten; and you're becoming a big kid, not the little boy with pudgy hands and cheeks that I can't help put kiss or hold over and over again. We're praying for you in every transition, every memory, and every stage that you approach. (even if mama weeps a bunch...remember your promise that you're always my baby, even when you're a grown-up!)

We love you, Braxton Cade, and can't wait to see what God has in store for you this coming year. You're an entire handful now - Happy 5th Birthday!


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