Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mama on the Run: Final Races of 2016

This year's racing plans didn't go as planned. After a roller coaster ride of 2015 running adventures (and set-backs), I went in to 2016 guns a blazin' wishing and hoping that I'd re-gain my speed and hit some PRs in a variety of race distances. 

Spoiler alert: That didn't happen! 

I ran my two final races of 2016 this month. After disappointing races all year long, I simply wanted to run strong and have fun. 

Two weeks ago, I raced in one of my favorite local races of the year, the Love Life Run 10K. I surprised myself and finished in 50:37, good enough for 1st in AG and my fastest 10K time this year. It was the best race I had done this year - from start to finish I felt strong, kept a good pace, didn't start out too fast, and finished with a kick. 

Nothing brings me greater joy in a race, though, than running with my kidlets. I ran with Brax for his 1-mile run, and Mackie took off on her own with friends. The little miss ran a speedy mile, good enough for a PR! She was delighted to hit the PR Gong at the end of the race.

I finished up 2016 with the Turkey Trot 10-miler last Saturday. After a strong 10K the week before, I went in with two goals: to run "naked" and embrace not focusing on time (but by feel), and to take it easy. I'm glad I went in with this game plan - we ended up having to wait 45 minutes in the cold due to a safety concern on the course. 

I took it nice and easy for most of the race, picking up the pace a bit around Mile 8 and then really kicking it in that final .5-mile, passing a handful of people on my way to a 1:32:33 finish time. It wasn't my fastest by any means, but really fun and a nice way to end the season. 

I could go on and on what worked and what didn't work this past racing year. Simply put, my ultimate goals didn't happen. And that's okay. Life isn't about my ultimate goals.

I'm dabbling into the #RunStreak with a goal of running at least a mile every day from now through the New Year (via Runner's World). I started today to make it an even 40 days and we'll see where it goes (most likely I'll stop soon after the New Year because I mentally and physically enjoy a few non-running days each week). 

Instead of dwelling on the shoulda-coulda's from 2016, I'll spend this final month enjoying some fun running with the #RunStreak and dreaming up some races, goals, and desires in 2017. 

There's much to be thankful for this year...Happy Thanksgiving!

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