Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Before Christmas

I love the Christmas before Christmas. The weeks, days, hours leading up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I love that Hallmark Channel puts its movies on after Halloween and that some radio stations give you the opportunity to listen to Christmas music while you're still sifting through the trick-or-treat candy. 

Christmas before Christmas is a magical time - and while I'm giddy like a little girl on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (isn't it such fun re-living the holidays through your children's eyes?), a part of my heart aches a bit knowing that on Dec. 26th, the holiday hubbub will soon dwindle. 

Despite our hectic December (mama started full-time hours at work....daddy started basketball games...both kidlets started basketball practices and games), we squeeze in as much Christmas before Christmas as we can. 

Our Christmas before Christmas traditions include....

  • Advent readings through our Jesse's Tree. 
  • Christmas footie jammies to wear while viewing Christmas lights around town. (usually with a stop for peppermint ice cream or hot chocolate!)

  • Gingerbread House decorating with Hutch Rec.

  • Hosting the college/career young adults over for a special white elephant gift exchange and tacky sweater Christmas party. (complete with singing "O Christmas Bri" and a sweater with Pastor Bart's face on it!)

  • Our church's Children's Christmas Program. This year, Brax sang in the pre-k/k choir while Mackie moved on up to the "big kid" choir and even had a small solo part!

  • Holiday baking, including the famous Epp sugar cookies. (and sprinkles....lots and lots of sprinkles!)

  • Creating our Conkling Christmas Break "to-do" list. It's a highlight every year and a perk having daddy as a teacher (and mama banking most of her vacation days to use in late December). Love our end-of-the-year holiday breaks as a family!

Wishing you and your family a joyous Christmas season! We no longer celebrate the Christmas before's here! May we cherish the HOPE that we celebrate in the humble form of a tiny baby. Thank you, Lord, for sending your son, Jesus, to us!

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