Saturday, December 31, 2016

Mama On The Run: Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

This morning I ran my final miles in 2016. The 4-miler pretty much captured my year in running - I was tired, not really feeling it, and it was nice and easy. 

I finished the year running 1,174 miles. Most of these miles were slow and steady. Tiring. Humbling. And they provided me with so many lessons while entering 2017. 

In 2016, this mama on the run:

  • Enjoyed running alongside my kidlets and family. I held Brax's hand while he crossed the finish line (smiling!) in a 1-mile race. I watched Mackie train and work (hard!) this summer in preparation for her first youth triathlon. And it brought me such joy to run alongside her on Thanksgiving morning as she was insistent on running and finishing her first 5K. 
  • Ran my slowest race times in some of my stand-by races (Titan 10K, Easter Sun Run 10K). Again, it was a humbling year!
  • Was able to (finally!) participate as a runner and race Run for the Rocks Half Marathon in my hometown this year, after spending the last five years coordinating the event. 
  • Completed the #RWRunnersStreak, where I ran at least 1 mile from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. (technically this will be completed tomorrow, but I'm going strong and feeling good!)

2017 is all about PURPOSE and that flows into my running and racing routine. I feel like I gave myself a break in 2016 - almost too much of a break, as it became a common crutch for me to let go of goals, dreams, desires, and chalk it up to health issues, being a busy, tired mama (it only gets busier as our kidlets age, right mamas?!), and any other reason I could come up with. 

Don't get me wrong....physically there were times throughout the year where I simply wasn't ready to compete at my full potential. However, I feel like a lot of times, my fear of pushing through pain held me back. 

My biggest running/racing goal for 2017 is to say good-bye to the fears, the obstacles, the reasons why I can't and instead surge through training, competition, and reasons why I can. With a healthy body, I hope to:

  • Run 1,200 miles in 2017
  • Run a 48:00-50:00 Easter Sun Run 10K (redemption from 2016!)
  • Run a 1:53-1:55 Prairie Fire Spring Half Marathon in May
  • Enjoy a new race distance - the Firecracker 8K in June
  • Re-evaluate goals each season and adjust race times and distances as needed. (We're still figuring out what races to do as a family and individually later this summer and fall)

Here's to a new year, filled with purpose!

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