Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our Family Christmas

Perhaps the favorite tradition for our family of four is Christmas Eve candlelight service at church. Gives me goosebumps as we end our service with the church all aglow from the candles, singing hymns in great anticipation of our Savior's birth. 

After a wonderful service, we went to my parents' house to celebrate with the cousins, and then hurried home to get to bed for the big day ahead. (and really for mama and daddy to finalize Christmas wrapping and details!)

We're pretty fortunate to have kidlets who don't wake up super duper early on Christmas morning. Maybe it's the fact that we stay up late on Christmas Eve celebrating with family. Or maybe it's knowing that there's a big day ahead. Either way, mama actually woke up before anyone this year, and the kidlets were snuggling in our bed, reading from the Jesse Tree Advent calendar by 7 a.m. 

This year's gift giving highlights included:

Brax: Lego City set (a steal from Costco that has kept him entertained for days!), plus Nerf guns, marshmallow gun, books, and clothes. 

Mackie: American Girl sleepover set (again - thank you, Costco!), mini Lego sets, clothes, books, a new money jar, and arts/craft supplies. 

Jack: The complete Garth Brooks CD set (the kids were delighted to help him unwrap it - and kept a secret for almost an entire month!), clothes, running gear, and (hopefully, if he finally bites the bullet), a new phone. 

Mama: New running head lamp, running journal, running winter jacket (notice a theme here?!), plus Jack had my diamond earrings re-set so they fit better. 

It was a lovely Christmas morning and probably the strangest weather-wise we had - 30 mph wind gusts and temps in the 60s. Brax made a good point that Easter felt more like Christmas with the overnight snow, and Christmas felt more like Easter this year with the rain and wind!

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