Wednesday, December 28, 2016

To Grandmother's House We Go (Times Two)

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend celebrating with both sides of the Conkling/Preston families. 

Our first celebration included Christmas at Grandma and Papa Scaliwag's house (AKA: Conkling). The kidlets loved celebrating with their 8 cousins, while mamas and daddies enjoyed catching up with the aunts/uncles/in-laws. 

Mackie's highlights included: playing with cousin Lily (her fellow girl in the cousin pack - the girlies must stick together with 8 boys around!), running around outside on the farm, and receiving a digital camera from grandma and grandpa. 

Brax's highlights included: playing with cousin Max and the other boy cousins (he's a magnet to Max!), meticulously playing Legos most of the afternoon, and receiving a ukulele from grandma and grandpa. 

Mama and daddy enjoyed themselves, too (plus the homemade chicken and noodles with mashed potatotes!). 

We continued our celebrations the following night - Christmas Eve - after church service with the Brawner cousins. This year's celebration was at my parents' house, where we snacked and exchanged gifts with one another. 

After our own family celebration on Christmas morning (will blog about this later!), we headed to Grandma and Papa Jimmy's house for a day of pajamas, brunch, and opening gifts. It was a relaxing day and special time with my parents and brother.

Mackie's highlights included: receiving a kids VivoFit and Spirograph, playing "Santa" and handing out gifts, plus eating all the sugar she wanted for a day.

Brax's highlights included: receiving a STEM circuit board (it's a pretty cool contraption and I'm amazed that he picked up on it so quickly!) and watching Home Alone 2 with the family.

What a joyous time with family! 

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