Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dates with the Kidlets

Jack and I are firm believers in dating each other. We adore our time together and let's face it - mama and daddy were here first; kidlets arrived second (and third).

But we're also big-time believers in dating our kidlets...especially our mama-son and daddy-daughter dates. In our special times together, Brax learns how to respect ladies - and practices on his mama. Meanwhile, Mackie learns how a guy should act like a gentleman - thanks to Jack showing her.

Last Saturday we did another round of our annual mama-son and daddy-daughter dates.

Jack took Mackie out for a night on the town to Hutch Rec's Daddy-Daughter Dance at the Plaza Towers Ballroom. He started the evening by ringing the doorbell and whisked her away to the ballroom for a night of dancing, dessert, a visit from Miss Kansas, and lots of fun games.

Meanwhile, my little dude asked me to put on some make-up for our date ("Mama, wear your hat and sweatpants, but can you put on some lipstick?!" - I'm still giggling!). He let me choose the radio station we listened to; opened the doors to the ice cream stop and arcade; and even let me make a quick stop to Target on the way home! (daddy prepped him well!)

We all had an enjoyable evening while making memories with one another.

So...my fellow mamas and daddies out there, date your kids! (if you're not doing it already!) You'll prep them for the teenage/young adult years to come - and isn't this one of our greatest purposes and blessings in this stage in life? Prepping and helping shape their hearts day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year - so when they're 16, 17, 18 years old (and beyond) they can confidently go out into that big, huge, scary world and take it on while keeping those mighty lights inside of them brightly shining?

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