Sunday, April 2, 2017

Conklings Do Spring Break

This Spring Break, the Conklings stayed put and enjoyed a week filled with...

...Room Renovations & House Projects - Mackie's room became a purple under-the-sea mermaid theme, while our bedrooms and basement received much-needed new carpet. (thank you, tax return!)

...Lunch dates at new restaurants and learning how to eat with chopsticks. 

...Studying up on the Royals Opening Day line-up. 

...Painting nails and doing fun girlie-girl stuff. 

...Playdates with friends. (and playing outdoors in between rain showers and thunderstorms!)

...Family trips to the Zoo (followed by donuts!)

...Trips to the Cosmosphere and bonus rides on the simluator. 

...UNO. Lots and lots of UNO! 

We had a productive and family-filled Spring Break and are gearing up for the final two months of the school year. Bring on April & May! 

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