Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Dance Recital, TV Appearance & Bike Fest - Oh My!

Ballet was the name of the game this past week, with rehearsals virtually every night leading up to the Artistree's big recital of the year on Friday and Saturday nights at the Fox Theatre. 

Little miss curtsied politely while accepting her perfect attendance award, and then beautifully floated across the stage in the "Graduation Ball" performance. Her highlights included: being on the stage more than once; keeping her costume this year; and getting to giggle and talk ("acting") while the senior ballerina on stage danced and the kinderdancers watched in awe. 

After Friday night's performance, mama woke up bright and early to talk Hutch Bike Fest on KWCH Morning Show in Wichita. 

And when she returned to town, the crew packed up and hit up the said Bike Fest in Downtown Hutchinson to hang out, take pictures, and enjoy the Kids Race, which included Brax wearing a GoPro video camera strapped to his head. I can't wait to see life from his vantage point!

After Bike Fest, we returned BACK to the Fox Theatre for the "opening night" of the dance recital. Again, Mackie danced beautifully and this time in front of not only mama and daddy, but her little brother (check out the roses he picked out below!), grandmas and grandpas, and even great-aunt. It was a fun evening capped off by Freddie's hot dogs, french fries, and ice cream. 

Mama survived live television. Brax survived the kids' bike race. Mackie survived a week filled with dancing and long rehearsals. And daddy survived not one, but two 90-minute dance recitals to get his fill of fine arts in Hutchinson for the next six months. 

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