Sunday, December 31, 2017

Brave - Life On Purpose 2018

2018 is quickly approaching. In a few hours, I'll gleefully break out my brand new Brilliant Life Planner and start filling in the blanks of life. I'll turn the big family calendar on our fridge over to a new month - my favorite part of winding down a month (besides pay day!).

2017 brought a sense of purpose. Living all areas of life with purpose. I loved that mantra and it carries over in to 2018, when I add a word to the mix: BRAVE.

Part of the BRAVE comes with the unknown. And that scares this type-A mama, who plans every detail out to a tee, but find myself in recent months embracing the minutes, hours, days, and life plans not fully carried out. There's a comfort letting it go; truly, it comes from God's unending work on my stubborn heart.

So here it is, my BRAVE vision board highlights for 2018:

Faith & Family:
  • Purposely pray for and WITH my husband and children. Pray over Scripture. Keep a prayer journal. 
  • Get back to reading the two-year Bible plan, hopefully with Jack, whose also expressed interest in reading the Bible through a year. 
  • Discipline our spending habits to put even more away in savings that will equal into a memorable, fun summer vacation plus memorable outings with the kidlets each season. 
My work dreams and goals really drove the word BRAVE this year. Ten years into my career, and I'm dreaming about future possibilities at a job and place I love and work that's being done in our community that I'm passionate about. 
  • Successfully study, test, and receive Certified Parks & Recreation Professional (CPRP) certification
  • Grow and expand my knowledge by serving on KRPA and NRPA boards and advisory committees.
  • Take the hard, messy, heart work being done in improving our community's health and wellness and hit the streets and community of Hutchinson, educating them on recreation, parks, and health work being done and their piece of the puzzle. 
Running, Fitness & Health:
On a race front, I'm not sad to see 2017 go. I was slow. Super slow. Felt defeated. And yet, at the same time, it was liberating to find something other than times to focus on. I approach 2018 not quite sure where it will go. The competitor in me says there's still some speed to this mama on the run's legs for a few races this year, thus the time goals below. But I'm also realizing my 34 (going to be 35) year old legs need a boost in the form of other training and nutrition, also noted below. 
  • BRAVEly commit to training hard for a 48:00ish 10K race & 1:53-1:56 1/2M race. 
  • Enjoy different races - new distance (7.7-miler); trail race; possible sprint triathlon
  • Up the ante on strength training (Iron Strength for Runners - I'm scared just thinking about it!)
  • Core30 yoga classes for flexibility
  • Cut out the diet soda (1x a week)
  • Up the water consumption (2 glasses for every 1 cup of coffee - forces me to cut back on caffeine)
  • Re-commit to whole foods, especially veggies
  • Re-commit to meal prep and planning
  • SLEEP - aim for 7-8 hrs/night
There you have it - BRAVE for 2018. These goals are a blueprint and will most likely change, evolve, develop as the next 365 days unfold, but I'm toeing the start line confident and ready to conquer the year ahead, by God's grace and His perfect, purposeful plans for myself and family. 

Happy New Year! 

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