Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas with the Conklings - 2017

Merry Christmas from the Conkling clan!

We've been busy little elves this first weekend of Christmas break, celebrating and rejoicing in our Savior's birth with family, friends, and neighbors. The kidlets kicked off Christmas weekend with a morning of sugar cookie decorating and delivering the sweet treats to neighbors. 

I love seeing their creations become more refined (and using less sprinkles and red hots) each year they decorate. 

On Christmas Eve morning, the kidlets had the joy of singing carols and songs as a part of the children's choirs at church. We were blessed by their singing, as well as the entire worship service as we celebrated along family and friends in our packed sanctuary. It was also a good six-year run of "Come on Ring Those Bells," as our baby participated in this Conkling family's final "little kids" Christmas choir performance. Movin' on up sure is hard for this mama sometimes....

Our celebrations continued into the evening, when our Christmas Eve tradition of getting together with Preston/Brawner families continued. I love seeing the kidlets play with their second cousins (or is it cousins, twice removed?). Regardless, it's a fun time when they're all able to get together and giggle incessantly, which happened when Aunt Janice gifted the two boys of the bunch with whoopie cushions. You can imagine the roars of laughter coming from a 6-year-old and 8-year-old boy as they "discreetly" attempted to place the cushion behind certain family members during the late hours of the night. 

We awoke to a bitter cold Christmas morning, perfect for morning snuggles as we gathered in our bed and read the final Jesse's Tree devotional and hung one last ornament on the tree. We prayed and read Scripture and the kidlets bounded into the family room for exchanging of gifts. 

Mackie requested a telescope and that's just what she received from us, as well as some American Girl pet care accessories, books, clothes, crafts, a bike pedometer, and a pocket knife (that only took a few hours to have in hand before she sliced her finger open, thanks to a forgetful mama and daddy who failed to dull the sharp blade prior to opening). 

Brax, meanwhile, asked for robotics and he, too, was excited to receive a STEM kit, race tracks, Star Wars Legos and light saber, books, clothes, binoculars, and a bike pedometer.

Daddy Jack (who I failed to take a pic of with his loot) acted oh-so surprised when he opened up a new handgun that he'd been eyeing (and actually picked up a few weeks earlier after I had to ruin the surprise so he could have it registered in his name). And then there were the boring, usual gifts of clothes and new work shoes. Adulting at Christmas - at its finest!

Jack, meanwhile, spoiled this mama on the run with a trend of a few of my favorite requested things - a new Garmin 235, runner's journal, InstaPot cookbook (I will learn how to cook with the darn thing by the end of Christmas vacation!), Iron Strength for runners, and a date day to Wichita where we'll shop (namely for a new pair of running shoes at my favorite local running store there). 

We didn't make it out of our jammies all day, and when our gift giving was complete at home, we moved the celebrations to my parents' house for more gifts, food, naps, movies, complete laziness by the warmth of a roaring fire. 

We look forward to celebrating with the Conkling side this coming weekend - a sort of New Year's party of sorts - and savoring more family time. In the meantime, we'll spend these bitter cold days relaxing and snuggling at home in our jammies (notice a trend here?) as we read, build Legos, construct long and winding race tracks, paint nails, perform science experiments, and watch MacGyver. (We live it up in the Conkling house!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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