Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Staycation Spring Break

Sometimes staying put and savoring time together is necessary during school breaks. 

Today is our final day of spring break. It was the first one since Jack started teaching that Buhler schools actually had off the week of the NJCAA tourney that Hutch hosts. Perfect timing, as he became the new committee chair of the stat committee (meaning: working 22/24 games VOLUNTARILY - not paid, as people assume!). He was in basketball heaven all week long!

Meanwhile, mama took the entire week off to be with the kidlets and family time (the total four of us), when we could sneak it in with daddy. 


:: went to baseball and softball camps through Hutch Rec. (baseball camp coached by Papa Jimmy!)

:: celebrated the our head guy's big 36th birthday, complete with carrot cake and singing. 

:: watched a LOT of basketball. HCC, Barton County, and a few teams in between AND cheered loudly for our beloved K-State Wildcats as they surprised us all with a fun trip to the Elite Eight. 

:: played at park in town that wasn't our go-to. 

:: held a garage sale with dear family friends - and even managed to make some vacay money with a lemonade stand. 

:: walked the trails, fed the ducks, dug in the dirt at Dillon Nature Center. 

:: had the death grip on mama at the church skating party, escaping with no broken bones or large bruises. (and only one incident that led to tears when Brax accidentally was kicked in the head by someone's skate - don't ask!)

We check-marked almost everything on our spring break staycation bucket list. And as I gleefully walk them to school tomorrow and get back into the office schedule and routine of life, I'm also sad our week went by so fast. It always does. 

Here's to survival mode until summer vacay!

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