Saturday, April 14, 2018

Meltdowns for Moose

Our kidlets know that meltdowns only get them so far. As in, the length it takes them to get to wherever they're located in the house to their rooms for discipline. 

However, for a certain MLB third baseman, one meltdown from Brax became little dude's 15 minutes of fame - and it all started with this Twitter video post

Rewind back to early March, when spring training had started and they Royals were broadcasting a game. We sat down to dinner that night when Brax realized his beloved #8, Mike Moustakas, wasn't on the field. 

We warned him. As soon as the season ended in early October 2017, we warned him. When fellow free agents including Cain and Hosmer signed, we warned him. 

But it took not actually seeing him at third base for Brax to put it all together: Moose wasn't a Royal (yet). 

Moose reached out and told Brax to keep cheering for him. He signed with KC less than a week later. He asked if there was anything he could do for Brax. After saying no, I proceeded to take him up on an offer and suggested something simple and easy, a signed picture. 

A month passed and we had let it go. The guy was busy - it was more than sweet of him to reach out via Twitter and show concern for this little 6-year-old having a meltdown over a taco for his favorite baseball player - but seriously, he was busy. He just welcomed a baby boy to the family...he started spring training...he was packing up and moving back to KC. Busy doesn't justify it, I'm sure. 

Fast forward, and Moose dropped another message during Easter weekend to say he hadn't forgotten about Brax. Ten days later, he dropped another message saying he did something different than an autographed picture. 

And boy, did he. 

The very next day, a baseball bat arrived on our doorstep from 1 Royal Way. I happened to run home for a quick lunch and to check the mail and as soon as I saw the package on the porch, my heart started pounding. I screamed while FaceTiming Jack. Brax's surprise and once-in-a-lifetime connection with his favorite MLB player was happening. 

Brax opened his Moose mail in front of his kindergarten classmates. The dude was so stunned he couldn't talk - and that's saying a lot for Brax. 

He thanked Moose later that afternoon, and Moose immediately responded back, saying he was happy to help. 

All because of a meltdown. A meltdown that showed our little guy's love for his favorite Royals baseball player. 

Thanks, MOOSE! Thank you doesn't seem like enough for the joy and excitement you brought to our little guy and entire family these last few weeks. We can't wait to go to (even more) Royals baseball games this season! 

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